Oyie is a social app where you can share your current status in just 80 characters. You can also attach web links to your status. Your friends can follow you to receive your updates as push notifications, so they are instantly aware of your current status. You can also have private status updates for your special ones or a few.

We have intentionally said NO to many things. Oyie is text-based and has no photos, no likes, and no follower counts. It does not make you famous, but just let us share very short text updates with your friends & family.

Oyie updates will be delivered as push notifications to your friends. Different browsers have different character limits for push notifications. To be consistent across all browsers, we made 80 characters as a limit which can be roughly one sentence.

When you mark a status as private, it can be seen only by seen by users @mentioned in the status. If no one is @mentioned, it will be visible only to you.

Oyie is designed to be used with push notifications, so you won't miss any updates from your friends. You will be receiving notifications only from the people you follow, so please be mindful of who you follow.

Yes, you can. Use it like any other web app. But, if you are using iOS, the push notifications will works only from version 16.4, and you need to add the web app to your home screen to use the push notifications.

Oyie makes sharing web links with friends quick and easy. Links are shared as push notifications, when your friend clicks on the push notification it directly opens the shared link without having to open the Oyie app.

Note: There is a chance the link shared can be malicious. We do show the domain of the website that is shared in the notification, but open the link at your own risk.

You can share links with just one click using our bookmarklet. In desktop browsers, just drag and drop the below button to your bookmarks bar.

In unsupported browsers, bookmark this page first and then edit the bookmark to add the below code as its URL

javascript:(window.open(`https://oyie.io/new?status=${window.getSelection().toString() || document.title}&url=${encodeURIComponent(location.href)}`, '_blank', 'left=100,top=100,width=680,height=440'))()

For any queries, use this form to contact us. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.